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Padmavat is certainly not a historical tale in any case. Because if we believe the story then no character survived to tell the real story. The poet wrote the tale in a poetic form after a long time. So who was the one who imagined the tale?

Allauddin Khilji was a medieval times opportunist military campaigner who headed the Khilji tribe. Was he allowed to take individual decisions in a tribal polity? The answer is no. Even if he killed his uncle Jalalluddin Khilji it was with the help of the other members of the tribe who wanted a younger and more dynamic leader. Allauddin is also known to have saved Delhi and India from the wrath of the Mongols who had ransacked other parts of Asia. He was ruthless. He was certainly cruel. But he was not an idiot to have waged wars for women. It is a historical fact that any one in the Delhi sultanate and then the Mughal emperors had direct threat from Mewar. So after coming to the Delhi throne the first priority was to deal with Mewar. Akbar also fought Mewar consistently. But Mewar was never subjugated by the Delhi sultans. The glory of the kingdom remained intact.
So ‘Padmavat’ is in today’s perspective only a Business model. The story of Padmavat is actually the case study of how to make a film and make people watch it. And also how to make people ignore the real issues and watch your film.
Business is ruthless. Emotions of the people are exploited and they are made to pay for it. The media has a very subtle role. Media is a only a tool. Pay and use to brainwash people. Media started writing about it during the making of the film. There were stories. There were speculations. And video clips were being shown in which some miscreants vandalised the sets of the film. There were debates. People took sides. The ‘decent’ ones were ready to argue their part and the conservatives had their part. And we all conveniently forgot our real problems. Let us not discuss them here.
And then the court scenes; Arguments for and against. And the best part is that no one had seen the film. And so everyone wanted to see it to prove himself right. And they did go to see it and only to find that the film was just another make of some other story with the same actors and same crew, the same dances, same music (if not pirated) and the same presentation.
And the film was seen by everyone. It was a commercial hit. All the characters of the drama (behind the scenes) got paid and the show was accomplished. Bravo.
The story although highly doubtful of its veracity has been totally destroyed. The businessmen do not respect your right to know the truth. Because people do not pay for it. People are more comfortable with fantasies.
The greatest impact of the film is on the market. You have the dances, dresses and the styles of the leading in vogue. It is fashionable to look like her or dance like her. But no jauhar please.
And finally the newspapers and their channels stopped reporting on the court proceedings and the opposition also accepts that it had no damaging content.
In fact this the story that we all need to know. This is the real story of Padmavat.

Ajay Veer Singh


An Electoral Perspective

Next season

of the Soap Opera has arrived.

After a five years wait;

The Rich and powerful

Will be visible in the streets again.

At your door steps;

Wearing colours,
Singing and dancing,

Shouting and howling,

Crying and laughing,

A bunch of extraordinary performers

Will show their skills.

Only to confound the 
Confusion called ‘democracy’.

You always had the choice between
 the devil and the deep sea.

And you will again choose one of them.

And what you always ignored is that,

They all come from the same source;

Their master is invisible but one.

They live in the same castle.

They are from the same family.-Heartless homo sapiens,

With the same DNA.

after the show,

They will all go back 
to the same ceremony,

To receive their Oscars-
For the best actor, best director,
Best clown, best villain, and for,

And for every act that contributed 
To the industry called ‘politiks’.

The above lines have no relation to anyone living or dead. This is just a piece of fiction and art out of my imagination and only for entertainment. Do not stretch your imagination to compare this with any real situation.
However I shall be solely responsible if this touches anywhere your conscience and helps to make you a better human being.
Ajay Veer Singh



          YES WE CAN – When President Barrack Obama said these famous words, then the message went beyond the frontiers of the United States of America. The underprivileged heard it for them in every country. It was a message that inspired everyone regardless the colour of his skin. Every man on this planet heard something for himself. Hopes came alive and cynicism had to bow out. American Election became a road show of the emotional energy of America, the unlikely story. It is the magic of the words that fired the imagination of the people to believe that the problem was too small and their capabilities too many. The faith and the stand of one man could rally the Americans around the common cause. Whole of America is poised to invent its recovery and reinvent its prosperity with Obama in the White House.

          The whole world had wished for his success and hoped to see him in the White House. And when he did win everyone believed that words do inspire. He has demonstrated that hope is the only way to live. Cynicism is instant death. The problem needs to be countered head on with complete faith in our capabilities. It reminds me the best moments of our freedom struggle. It was the first war of independence in 1857 when the Indians fought together with scant resources by each other’s side that made them say-we did it. It was the moment when Gandhi was standing alone after being thrown out of a train in South Africa,  and Imperialism crumbled in his thoughts. It was when Gandhi told the British to “Quit India” and everyone believed that India is going to be free. It was the moment when Subash Chandra Bose said , “Chalo Dilli” and Indians believed that Indians will now rule India. It was the moment when the revolutionary spirit of Bhagat Singh sounded loud in the Parlaiment and Indians defied the fear of death and the British came to know that Indians can. And finally it was the moment when we the people drafted the Constitution of India and gave it ourselves then each one of us believed that we will make it a live document and India is going to be the most vibrant democracy in the world.

          Independence came with hopes and was followed by broken promises. Indians have almost given up. Our politics has been taken over by money power and the men behind big games. Obama’s words have been heard by Indians loud and clear. Indians also have the audacity to hope today. The time has come when Indians also know that even they can. Yes we can. Indians can find their courage back and stand upright before any kind of injustice by anyone-outsider or insider.

          This is the time when we have to believe in ourselves and say that we can transform the political process, we can save our institutions, we can clean our politics, we can root out corruption in high places, we can do anything that makes India strong and powerful, Yes we can. This is the year of hope. I can already see the idea floating in the air and courageous individuals taking on the organised political parties as independents in different parts of India. The beginning is modest but the end is going to be grand. It is just a matter of time before the biggest political majority of the country (fifty per cent of the voters who do not vote) will rise from their slumber and say YES WE CAN. One candidate in Gujrat has been saying  YES WE MUST. I am inviting you all to the party. Come upfront and take charge of your own country. Yes You can.

I may end up by quoting Kumi Naidoo, whose words summarise our thoughts and spirits in its true form,


PS: Just forgot to confirm the rate of import duty on hopes from USA.

Oh my master

I asked for bread

And you promised me moon.

And then you taxed even my dreams,

I pray master

Not to tax my hopes

For that is the only thing

For which I lived so for.


In This special season,

When happiness has no reason,

And the flowers bloom,

When birds sing,

And people dance

Phalgu purnima (In Bihar)  is around.

When colours go crazy

And men become human;

When hatred melts,

And love is in the air;

Basant Utsav  (West Bengal) is around.

When all are welcome

At  your doorstep,

And the delicacies are

Made for one and all,

Dulandi  (Haryana) is around.

When identities disappear,

In the splash of colours,

And humans are bare and pure,

Who dance without music,

Kaman padigai  (Tamil Nadu)  is around.

When the spirit of Holika reincarnates,

Malice is in the bonfires,

All belong to each other,

And only love matters,

Shimgo (Maharashtra) is around.

When I want to wish on this Holi

My words flow in this form

May Happiness, gaiety, and love be all yours

And Celebrations always be there.


Ajay Veer Singh Jain.



           The slums are for the poor and the millions are for the rich and never shall the twain meet. That would have been the story a few years ago. The times are changing and the rich must realise that creating difficult conditions for the underprivileged makes them tougher for the real life battles and gives them the strength to emerge winners in the long run. The triumph of the tormentor is transitory. The political revolution in USA is a case in study. Obama is not an isolated and freak case of fate and chance. He had been preceded by Condoleezza Rice. The African-Americans have grown tougher and more responsible as a class. They have the energy and the will to prove. They have emerged as leaders in many areas of activity. Bias has only made them work harder.

          These street children will fight back and deal with their persecutors and exploiters, because the state and society has not been able to help them. They will become millionaires and leaders. Because the training which they are getting is not available to our silver spoon fed scions of the political families, who are ‘born leaders’. In fact the problem is spreading to other areas of public life. One has to be born in that family to pursue that profession or to take up that position. See more closely and you will come to know what I am talking about. Let me talk about the ‘slumdogs’. They are the tough breed who have survived the worst living conditions and would be in the forefront in the times to come. And a warning- the mega rich corrupt ones would find their children lacking the strength and the capability to protect the ill gotten riches. I would rather advise them to work a little for social harmony and the emancipation of the underprivileged classes. Restore the faith of the ‘slumdogs’ in the system and make the process of social change smooth.

          I am sure many Indians must have reacted to the film for exposing the realities of India. They do not want to see the dust that was brushed under the carpet. Well friends, many Indians do not know these realities while living in India. A question – Do the eye openers for us always have to be imported from the west. The police atrocities on a minor in a police station are not new to us. Don’t you see the street children begging for others at the traffic light? And you always wanted to know how these beggars get blind and maimed? Did you not? The film gives the answers.

          It is not for the first time that such a revelation has been made. Face it countrymen. That is our reality. And it is high time to search and eliminate the enemy within. Once that is done the external enemy will disappear on its own. You may choose to wait to see the social injustice disappear on its own. But then be prepared to pay the price of remaining a mute spectator. And to know what the price will be, take your clue from the Mumbai attacks-26/11 as they have named it.

An Ode to Law Centre Two.

Law Centre Two, Law Centre Two,
We are always grateful to you.

The teachers have been
so nice and good;
We never came to know
when they made us learn
the difficult maxims of law
Oh dear Centre
it would not have been
possible without you
Law Centre Two.
We are so grateful to you.

The lectures which we attended
and the ones we did not;
Are part of us;
And so is the gossip in the canteen
flavoured with the taste
of samosas and tea;
We do not forget the
Contribution of the dhabas
in nurturing the legal teams
What could be there without you
Law Centre-II,
We are so grateful to you.

The great walk
between the hedges
And the climb towards the classrooms,
Formed footsteps of our life;
Reminiscences of a cosy campus;
The greatest in deed;
Structured the base
Of our dreams;
Who else could do this?
But for you
Law Centre Two,
We are so grateful to you.

A New Year Message.


The economic slowdown may sound intimidating to the man in the share market or the businessman looking for  more zeroes to his income. But look- here the old saying is coming true. You cannot exploit more than the capacity of the common people. Prices may rise to the sky but if there are no takers there is no price. It is the victory of the common man. It seems the banks and the realtors will learn their lessons in India hard way. If growth means taking things out of the reach of the common man then who is going to sustain the upswing. And insurance as a sector has lost its purpose. One pays for nothing. An example- A widow who lost her twenty-five year old husband got Rs.1,33,000 award from the MACT court after contesting for eighteen years. And ironically in this case the respondents including the insurance company never attended the proceedings.

Being a lawyer I ask  the question- what can the legal system contribute towards the improvement of the situation. An efficient and effective legal system is actually the base on which any model of economic development rests.  So there we are. The challenge before the legal brains in India is to work towards attaining it.  

However the change in the economic mood of the world has suddenly made the legal community jittery about the future of the legal profession. The closing down of the businesses have resulted in more people looking for jobs then ever. At the present juncture the legal community in India has to deal with many developments.

One-the entry of the foreign law firms in India.

Two-the impact on the economy on the legal jobs in the companies and the LPOs.

And thirdly the large number of law graduates churning out of the law schools. And above all the legal system has a long way to go to establish credibility, efficacy, accuracy and speed in delivery. The lawyers have much more to do than simply survive. This year is going to be crucial for all the areas of economy including the service sector. However we should realise that although other sectors have come upto the international standards, the legal system only boasts of the acts that were enacted in antiquity. The clarity of law is certainly missing. The jurists have to raise  the bar on the scale and provide the requisite legal structure for enduring a stronger social and economic structure and institutions. One thing is worth mentioning here. I travelled to some middle eastern country sometime back where they offered me excllent housing and economic opportunities. I was informed that very big people from India and the film world have also invested there. When I asked about the legal system, then the person was silent and told me that the word and whim of the Sheikh and his family was the law. And you can imagine every thing else as a consequence of this rule. I simply took the flight back with a clear mind of never visiting the place again. What else is lawlessness? I am proud of the fact that India has a Constitution and the rule of law. And beyond that it is the duty of its jurists and lawyers to carry the torch ahead. Let us formulate our goals for the new year in this light and also thank those personages who have made their contributions to the legal system and forgive those who have not been evolved enough to appreciate the need of the hour. At the same time we should not forget those who never had any faith in the rule of law and used law as a tool for personal ends. I am sure the lawyers and jurists of the present day would take the responsibility of educating such people.

This is equally true for other sectors of the economy also.

Have a great year ahead.


The Cola Wars have been much talked about. The background is that Coca Cola and Pepsi would enter any market together and start a loud campaign attacking each other.  The Coke would say that it was better than Pepsi and Pepsi would say that it is better than Coke. What they said together was that there was no third drink in competition.  It will take people a lot of time to understand the game but till then these two will make good money and buy out the other competitors and also the entire juice industry and the other ones dealing in the like products.

India has its version of the Cola war. It’s in the political arena. One party says that the other has failed so I am the only option before the people.  The other says look at that party -they have failed you once in the past and do not have a good agenda so give us another chance. Well the people of India have been told that they do not have the third option. What will you do if you want to find a cleaner and better option?  I am sure that the reality is much bigger than the posters and slogans of these parties. There are much better options and which are blurred in the noise of the mass media which talks only about the big parties. For them the rest do not exist. It is taught very aptly in the mass communication schools that media is the only reality. Till now they have been right. Future may be different.

The most surprising thing that can be easily verified is that you keep voting for one party all your life but if you go to their party office to become the primary member then it is not available to you. You may run pillar to post but the policy is clear-no more members needed. This fact is not known to all the people who keep sympathising with a particular leader or a particular party. The question is why the membership is not open to the people who adhere to the ideology (if it all) of the party. Why people are not given the right to participate in the internal democratic functioning of the political parties? The search for the answers may lead to some embarrassing propositions. So let us leave the question here with the hope that people will understand the game themselves and take the corrective measures.

My suggestion is very clear- instead of the colas it is better to prepare your own home made drink with some lemon (there can be other options) that does not attract any ‘luxury’ taxes. Surprisingly our tax regime attracts taxes on basic necessities and needs like medicine and food also. And a five star hotel pays luxury taxes for being clean and hygienic. That explains why being dirty pays here. Anyway it is time to go for swadeshi  in the political field also. Ignore the big parties and look for local known good people and make them contest.

It may take some time but the political renaissance in India is round the corner. It is nice to read Shiv Khera on the auto rickshaws these days. It is the manifestation of the deep desire of the Indian people for emancipation from the enemy within us.  

The next time you say no to a Cola for health reasons, remember that there are other Colas which also need your attention.


The dance of democracy

Continues with annual rituals

Celebrations and Feasting

Masquerades And Carnivals

Acrobatics Of Scruples

Power over other humans

Being the ultimate denominator;


Old wines and new bottles

Make a perfect tango

The rules of nature never change

But there are new definitions and jargons

Which provide a perfect alibi to

The conscious collective decision to degenerate,

for that is what all progress means;


Every human feat

Chisels into the perfect nature

And yet no problems, and Everyone is right

Because there are no absolute answers

And each one of us has got the benefit of doubt

All are free to design their own graves

For the  end is certain;


Celebration of life

Triggers with activity in this season

I like when you smile and

Tell me how important I am to you

And I hate to remember that

I am only another one to you

In this game of numbers;


A question of law and fact

Whether the best creation of God

Has evolved from monkeys

Or will grow out of the humans someday

Who would love their own species

And law enforcement will be in the pages of history.


* * * * * *




The elections are there and would always be coming forth for different institutions. What is new about them? Just another one of the lot will be elected and the system continues. The question mark is not on the scheme of parliamentary democracy but the great manner in which all the intentions and objectives of the democratic principles are bypassed. And you do not approve of it. You do not like it. And you ask what I can do about it. Let us look at first what we had been doing all along. The answer in a nutshell is –Nothing. Our best protest is- not going to the polling station. And say with pride-at least I did not vote for the corrupt ba…..s. And that is the end of our duty. In contradistinction we can look at some of the countries where voting is a Constitutional duty. It is a long discussion. Now let us look at the solutions. To begin with participate in this small statistics. Effectively not more than fifty percent vote in this country. And that includes fake polling as well. And out of the fifty percent any one with more than half of the votes polled can get elected. It can be less also depending on the situation. So anyone with 25% can be your representative. There have been governments in the past which polled 36% votes of the total polled (meaning that they actually got only 18% of the total votes) and continued for five years in the power. The next one does not fare any better and none of the misdeeds of the earlier incumbents have been even pointed out. So what you can do about it. I know I am asking a difficult question. And so let me give you some suggestions. And I will come up with some suggestions which are workable without doing anything revolutionary and are consistent with your constitutional duties.

What to do?

1. You must go to vote on the day of polling despite everything.

What not to do?

2. Do not vote for branded party candidates who are spending huge sums of money illegally in the elections.

3. Do not vote for the candidates of some political party because you like the personality of some big leader in that party.

4. Do not choose the professional politicians for whom politics is a business. And do not vote on narrow considerations like caste, language or religion.

Whom to vote?

5. Choose a candidate who is from your locality and is known to people in your area.

6. Choose a clean candidate with clean credentials.

What to do when there is no clean candidate?

7. If you do not find any such candidate then promote and suggest such people to contest who have the clean credentials and reputation in the locality. Have group discussions in the locality and come up with a consensus candidate. Consider yourself also as a candidate.

8. If you cannot find any such candidate, then consider contesting yourself. You can contest without spending big money. Make it a point that you do not have to do anything which the other candidates are doing. You have to just demonstrate that an election can be contested without spending big money. It is not wining but the way you contest that would make the difference.

Why you stand a very good chance?

9. Remember fifty percent people think like you who do not vote and are apathetic to electoral politics. Your duty is to begin the movement to rally them together. This election could be the beginning for you. Many people in India are already in the process. So you may be working together without knowing each other.

10. Even if you get a few hundred votes then it is a great success because they are all the strong pillars of the movement to make democracy alive in this country. They are going to multiply astronomically in every election.

And the least you can do.

11. Spread the message and talk to others. It may take years to achieve the objective of attaining a vibrant democracy and make the constitution alive but you can participate in the process right now by making others read this.

The Bonus.

12. You may be surprised to find a lot many who share with you the vision of making India a great country. And you may also be surprised to see that it happens much faster than you had thought. The process is already going on and you have the option of having the pleasure of doing your bit now or regret later of not opting for it.

And from here move on.